Thursday, August 7, 2014

Colorado Road Trip

Colorado Reunion

July 16th-20th we went on a little "vacation" with our Hardwick family to Alamosa, Co. to our family reunion. We drove 20 hrs both ways in a luxurious Town and Country minivan. Equipped with leather seats, dvd player, usb ports, plenty of cup holders, and 7 seats, it was perfect for our 7 passengers! We rented that van and drove all the way! Keaton and Kori were such amazing travelers! Thanks to Pintrest for the awesome road trip ideas, Keaton had a map that let him know where we were and we practiced saying each state we went through and learning fun facts. He also got a "prize" every 100 miles or so for being good/to entertain him for the next 100 miles. He was so good he didn't even need all his prizes and didn't watch too much tv. He was fantastic! Kori was a little trooper too and slept and played in her carseat :). 

We had some fun little stops! Day 1 we stopped at a rest stop for a picnic lunch, flew a kite, saw lots of nature on the nature trail, even saw a deer reservation. We also stopped in Amarillo at the Cadillac Graveyard, a dinosaur museum in New Mexico, and then on to Co. where we went to parades, rodeo, demolition derby, park, carnival, Jack Dempsey 5k, and of course family reunion and trip to the mountains. We had a blast while there with cousins and family!!! Then, we drove straight home saturday night after the demolition derby...20 hrs. non-stop! Which went pretty well. 

I am so glad we had the opportunity to go with my mom and sisters! It was so fun to share with my little family and kids all the fun things that I got to do as a kid every 24th of July celebration time in Colorado. I loved every minute of it and loved making new memories with my family! I know Keaton had a blast, and I think Kori enjoyed her first family vacation too! :) 

car ride 

Cadillac graveyard and dinosaur museum random stops :) 

Family, 5k, carnival, demolition derby, and smokes in the mountains! 

Yummy food, cousins, learning how to eat sunflower seeds from Aunt Mica, and happy girl!

Last, but not least for sure, the beautiful mountains and my family! What an amazing thing to be with family in nature! You can't doubt there is a Heavenly Father who loves us and created all these beautiful things for us! I know he did, and I know he created me and my beautiful family!!! He is awesome!!! 

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